Discovering The WAY OF WINES – Parador Santiago

Travel and Adventure seem to go hand in hand and when one adds the very special pleasure of Tasting Wines ALONG THE WAY then the incredible landscapes, amazing history and beautiful monuments come alive in a very personal and wonderful way making for lasting memories that will be treasured forever.

It was a very special time of CELEBRATION and sharing in Santiago de Compostela during the Fairway Forum Camino Del Santiago De Compostela where El Camino Del Vino October 16, 2015 participated in sharing some of what we have enjoyed while living in Galicia and exploring the Camino.

I would like to thank everyone who made this event possible. It was a truly memorable time sharing the Spirit of the Camino through El Camino Del Vino with all who attended. Thank you to my family, friends and pilgrims who shared in celebrating! It was a fantastic evening Sharing The Spirit Of The Camino – and a very special way to Celebrate my Father´s Raymond Beuligmann´s 85th Birthday – Thank you to all for this very wonderful memory together!!!

Special recognition and appreciation to Fairway Forum, Julio Castro, Director and his great team at the Parador Hostal Dos Reis Católicos Santiago De Compostela, Esther Diz of Cova Solutions, all the bodegas – wineries who participated to bring El Camino Del Vino to life through their unique and delicious wines: Via Romana Adegas e Viñedos Ribeira Sacra y Nordesia – Juan Luis Méndez Rojo, Ribeiro DO (Denomination of Origin) – Esther González de Paz y Erika Dominguez Laiño, Eidosela Bodegas Rías Baíxas – Francisco Javier Piñeiro, Gancedo Bodegas y Viñedos Bierzo León – Jose Luis López Armesto , Portones Rioja – Cándido Pazos, and Domaine Val DÁstier Gogolin France – Bruno Seignez. We celebrated, tasted and enjoyed some fantastic wines to the beautiful music of Santiago Capeans Harpas Maxicas – Thank you Santiago for helping us to enjoy in an inspiring setting with your wonderful music. Remembering El Camino Del Vino Beginnings with Dimas Gonzalez, Santiago Film Commissioner and our time together in Los Vinos and many special years taking pictures in the Camino with German Limeres – helps to combine wonderful wine tasting stories with incredibly beautiful pictures to make Wine Tasting Along The Way a SPECTACULAR Experience. Much gratitude and appreciation to Diana Pérez Morán Journalist and Communications Specialist for sharing El Camino Del Vino´s message through special Press and Media Promotions. A very special thank you to Marc Heffner of who helped to bring my dream to life with his amazing original art work inspiring the treasure of Camino Connections and Celebration!

El Camino Del Vino is excited to continue to share with you more of the many wonderful wines to be discovered and enjoyed Along The Way!

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Camino Celebrations – Fairway Forum Del Camino De Santiago 2015

It was an honor and a pleasure to be asked to speak at the Fairway Forum Del Camino De Santiago October 15 – 18, 2015. It was wonderful to share in a special experience with fellow pilgrims and camino enthusiasts. Inspiring stories and exciting camino projects shared by all who presented, participated and attended. The Camino Spirit continues to spread its magic wings and touch all in its path! A very special thank you to Fairway Forum for inviting me and to my parents Raymond and Beverly Beuligmann who traveled from the USA – through Germany, France and across Spain making a Camino by plane, car, bus and train to share in this special Camino Conference with me. I am forever grateful to my family, friends and fellow pilgrims who have made my Camino Pilgrimage possible a JOURNEY that continues!!!!


October 15, 2015
11:00 AM
Panel Afterway
Susan Mann, Writer

Unscripted Journey – Our Collective Camino is the first book of this type of collaboration uniting voices of more than 45 authors from 13 countries around the world who share a passion, love and the pilgrim spirit that is the real heart of the Camino. Inspired by the desire to Susan to work to publicize the experience unique and inimitable, each pilgrim. Susan also explained in Santiago the launch of “El Camino del vino” (Wine Tasting Along The Way), a program to promote travel inspired by the personal experiences of Susan on the road with the aim to promote and share the Way, Galicia, Spain and connections worldwide through the discovery and enjoyment of food and wine.

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Modern Day Renaissance Man Cándido Pazos Shares Códice Calixtino!

Modern Day Renaissance Man Cándido Pazos López shares his latest work of art – Presentación del Libro Códice Calixtino El Corte Inglés A Coruña. The last presentation in a series of special events recognizing this incredible work of art celebrating the history, tradition and culture of the Camino.  You will be amazed and in awe of this literary achievement a true “Jewel” sharing the passion for pilgrimage and the ancient history of the Camino. José Manuel Blanco Aldarix – Dirección De Comunicación y Relaciones Externas El Corte Inglés – Hipercor, S.A. made the formal presentation to the public with Cándido Pazos López the author and special guest José Antonio Ortigueira Arcipreste de la Dióceses en Santiago de Compostela.

It is a very special honor and privilege to have Cándido Pazos sharing in Our Collective Camino (working title) the first collaborative collection of Camino Authors from around the world representing 13 countries who have contributed their unique pilgrimage perspective through their special chapters that will be combined together making a wonderful ANTHOLOGY to help encourage, inspire and invite others from around the world to make their own camino journeys of discovery.

Muchas gracias Cándido Pazos for including me in this very special event and for sharing in our writing journey working collaboratively together with others using our gifts and talents to make a difference in the world.

Felices Fiestas – Merry Christmas – Feliz Navidad

I would like to thank everyone for making this a very special and blessed year. Sending Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas Greetings to you and your families. Have fun celebrating with your loved ones this very special time of year 🙂 Bo Camiño!

Mi Noche Americana – Global Galicia – Diana Pérez Morán

The Camino Connects us in so many special ways many of which we do not know where it will lead or what it will bring into our lives.  Friendships and wonderful adventures for sure, as well as, new beginnings supporting our dreams and creative passions to be expressed in ways we could have never imagined.  Just like the Camino it is taking the first step and following where we feel guided and opening up in ways that allow us to meet new people, explore and discover.  It was this way when I met Diana Pérez Moran and her wonderful family as I had wanted to visit their store for many months having heard about it from others in the town.  On this specific day I decided to explore and make a visit to La Bolsera Gallega and to my wonderful surprise it was to be a special visit that would lead to friendship and many fun experiences. In La Jolla my mother and I would visit a similar store, Warwick’s, that always delighted us with its incredible offerings of beautiful cards, specialty items for office and work, party decorations and so much more. I was greeted by Clara Morán owner and mother to Diana. Clara introduced me to Diana and it was the first of many visits and other special times together where I enjoyed meeting the rest of the family. Amazing how what we may think is just a quick visit to a local store leads to friendship and alliances that extend to the other side of the world.  With me now living in Galicia and Diana now in USA – truly a unique Vice Versa with more adventures surely to come. A very special thank you to Diana for including me in her article and to her and her family for making me feel at home in GALICIA – Muchisimas Gracias!!!

De Santiago de Compostela a los Estados Unidos… y viceversa…
Mi amiga Susan se refiere a las casualidades de la vida como Synchronicities … ella que de éstas entiende un buen rato ya que han sido una constante a lo largo de sus diferentes etapas vitales- Hace tres años la llevaron a dejar el paraíso de La Jolla en California por otro un tanto más lluvioso… el Camino de Santiago, y en Galicia se quedó.

Un buen día entró por la puerta del negocio familiar y nos pusimos a charlar, desde entonces hemos compartido trabajo, historias, muchas casualidades y una gran amistad. Susan me contó su proyecto para promocionar el Camino, si ella se había enamorado de estas tierras ¿Por qué otros no podrían hacer lo mismo?

y con nuestra pasión común por Galicia tanto yo como los amigos que la rodeamos habitualmente quisimos ser parte de las ideas que nos iba proponiendo: un libro, un documental, una promoción de productos gastronómicos… una experiencia…

Cuando decidí seguir mi camino personal, el que me llevó al Festival de Cine de Sundance al otro lado del charco, Susan me regaló una concha de peregrino que simbolizaba las diferentes direcciones que tomamos en la vida y me dijo “Creo que en las montañas de Utah encontrarás más de un camino”…

Cierto… casi un año más tarde sigo por aquí, caminando… y no he tenido que esperar mucho para cruzarme por casualidad con otros pasos, los de Lydia Smith y su documental “Walking the Camino – Six Ways to Santiago” en el Park City Film Series, organización que fomenta el cine independiente, en un lugar donde la cinefilia es una característica permanente.

Al igual que Susan, Lydia Smith hizo el Camino hace unos años, su decisión la inspiró para escribir esta historia real de seis peregrinos de diferentes nacionalidades que realizan el viaje a Santiago por motivos variados: una muerte, una búsqueda de respuestas, una fe desmedida, un cambio… La experiencia y las casualidades del camino serán decisivas en el transcurso de sus vidas.

El documental que se proyectó este verano en el Festival de Cine de Santiago de Compostela se ha llevado con éxito a diferentes salas y festivales de Europa, Canadá y Estados Unidos. De hecho en la web Rotten Tomatoes, una de las referencias en crítica cinematográfica la calificación media supera el 9, una nota más que merecida a juzgar por los aplausos de la sala del Prospector Theatre.

Películas como “The Way” de Martin Sheen y Emilio Estévez, y documentales como el de Lydia Smith han ayudado a situar Galicia en el mapa americano, poco a poco Susan va avanzando en la misma dirección con su marca “Bo Camiño”. Estoy segura de que ésta no será la última vez que escuche el nombre de Santiago de Compostela en los Estados Unidos…

“¿Saben ustedes qué es el Camino de Santiago? pregunta el presentador del teatro… Pues El Camino de Santiago termina en una tierra encantada llamada GALICIA…”

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Camino Connections Continue – Germany & Spain

Parador Hostal Dos Reis Católicos – Santiago De Compostela

It has been a busy summer on the Camino and Santiago is welcoming pilgrims from around the world reaching record numbers arriving in a day. New Camino Connections Continue with the arrival of Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, to experience a little of the camino spirit with the President of Spain Mariano Rajoy and other special guests.

It was a very busy 24 hours with many special activities one of special note related to historic pilgrim experiences was the signing of the official Parador Hostal Dos Reis Católicos Guest Book. With the Parador being known as the oldest hotel in the world with its historic origin as a hospital taking care of the pilgrims upon their arrival it was most appropriate that the Parador was the meeting place for the official press conference and camino activities. A new beginning of country alliances and relations helping for the continued experience and growth of this important and historical pilgrimage.

Photograph: Angela Merkel – Chancellor of Germany, Julio Castro Marcote – Director Parador Santiago, Manuel Quintanar – Subdirector Parador Santiago, and Antonio Lois – Adjunto a Dirección Parador Santiago.

Photography by: Susan Mann ©

Celebrating The Camino


Living in Galicia and on the Camino Primitivo in Lugo has been a very special experience. An experience I feel blessed to have been a part of my Camino Synchronicity and continued Camino journey. Living in one of the areas that is a special part and heart of Galicia and the Camino has made for wonderful weekly adventures in many different parts of this beautiful, vibrant and alive land.  The Camino continues to teach and inspire me. My insights and appreciation only deepen with time.  I continue to have reflections on my own camino adventures and always enjoy hearing what has inspired, guided, and called so many to this ancient pilgrim path.  I look forward to sharing more pilgrim stories that I hope inspire others to make their own personal Camino – Bo Camiño!

Thank you to Julio Castro Marcote, Director of the Parador Hostal Dos Reis Católicos, Jose Luis Penedo Del Rio and Helmut Weingarten of Expo Bike Germany, and Cándido Pazos López and Tomas Sanchez of Bikigrino for including me in their camino adventure. Thank you to Margarita Mosteiro of La Voz de Galicia – Santiago for interviewing me and letting me share a little of my passion and love for Galicia and the Camino.