A powerful thought provoking title for a profoundly honest sharing on one of life´s biggest questions – What happen´s after we die? Is there life after death? In living we come closer to dying but what is it that makes life more full and engages us in ways that we feel the deeper effects of our spirits experience…

When we CAMINO along The Way or are continuing our Camino of Life these questions and many other “big life” thoughts come to us and are part of our pilgrimage journey. An experience that is hard to put into words but touches us all deeply at our core forever changing us and guiding us as our adventures unfold.

It is a very special honor and privilege to share in John Clark´s latest book Destination Unknown and for the opportunity to share some of my life reflections as the foreword to his book.

The question of life—its meaning, significance, and purpose—is a question that all people, cultures, and individuals face at some point in time. The power of this very act contains within it the ability to transform us all, to change our emotions and the course of our lives. It is a seed that is born inside us, growing as we grow, waiting to blossom, and its blooms are the actions, expressions, and creations of our lives.

Contemplating our existence, life, and death, both personally and as a whole, can have a profound impact on how we live our lives. It is one of the most difficult and challenging concepts that everyone faces at some point, or many points, in one’s lifetime. I have reflected many times on this concept, and it has been an ever-evolving understanding of my spirit’s journey—a journey that will be an eternity of continual growth and expansion. A constant state of discovery, learning, and evolving as our consciousness opens to more love and peace that flows harmoniously with all in this universe and beyond.

I was touched deeply by every persons honesty, clarity, and heart felt sharing in their expression of the personal stories and their boldness in sharing their emotions freely of some of the most difficult experiences that have touched them on their life journeys . It is not easy to share with strangers our deepest held beliefs, fears, regrets, or failures but it is many times through these lessons that the most profound insights in our spiritual journeys occur. I believe it is in this honest sharing that we become more of our authentic selves and that this helps others to have the strength and courage to continue on their journeys of discovery which help us all to move in the direction of fulfilling our life purposes and provides true meaning to living and makes a difference in the world.

For me it is in us using our gifts and talents working collaboratey together to make a difference in the world. I believe and have come to know that it our True Source or God Given Gifts And Talents working collaboratively together that make the most profound differences in the world and provides the most satisfaction and meaning in our own lives.

When we work to remove the masks we so careffully and unknowingly placed there as forms of protection that these masks only shield us from truly living. In letting down those masks and returning to our more authentic and original state of our spirits desire of expression that miracles become a part of every day lives and life holds more happiness, joy and peace.

A very special thank you to John Clark and to the other authors he included in his book. With each story I was moved to reflect on my own life, beliefs, and experiences and am encouraged and inspired to find more ways to express love, happiness, joy and peace to those that my life comes into contact with.

Your stories encouraged me to strive to become a better person opening my heart more and to know that in all things and all ways from small to large our spirits impact in connection with others is beyond our full comprehension and appreciation of the true magnitude that sharing our love and light truly has around the world.

It is a magnificent miracle and mysterious journey we are all on and though at many times it feels we are alone that is never the case as our eternal spiritual connection is far deeper than one can imagine and forever unbroken though our energy form may change it is indestructible and continues to make its journey on to more incredible experiences and Destinations Unknown….

Dr. Carol Francis – Destination Unknown John Clark III Interview

About The Author:

John Henry Clark III is an award-winning journalist, freelance writer, author, and avid golfer who was born and raised in Texas. He grew up in northwest Houston playing sports at Oaks Dads Club and attending church with his parents, but decided as he got older that things he learned in Sunday school no longer made much sense.

Since then, he has spent a lifetime seeking answers and exploring a variety of beliefs. After a successful career as a newspaper reporter, Clark turned his lifetime love for learning into a new career as a public school teacher, and that gave him time during the summer months to pursue his project to research and write a book describing what people believe about God and why they believe what they believe.

That effort turned into this book, Finding God. A tireless seeker, researcher and questioner, John has written a number of other fascinating books dealing with the human experience, from tragedies to triumphs and more, including Camino: Laughter and Tears along Spain’s 500-mile Camino de Santiago. To read more of John’s books, find answers to the meaning of life, and maybe discover something new about yourself.

For more information please visit: http://www.JohnClarkBooks.com

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Destination Unknown: Whappens to Us When We Die? People from Around the World Weigh in On…
Do You Know Your Life’s Purpose? Are you looking for more meaning in your life? Are you tired of just getting through each day instead of feeling a sense of purpose and…



Celebrating The Camino


Living in Galicia and on the Camino Primitivo in Lugo has been a very special experience. An experience I feel blessed to have been a part of my Camino Synchronicity and continued Camino journey. Living in one of the areas that is a special part and heart of Galicia and the Camino has made for wonderful weekly adventures in many different parts of this beautiful, vibrant and alive land.  The Camino continues to teach and inspire me. My insights and appreciation only deepen with time.  I continue to have reflections on my own camino adventures and always enjoy hearing what has inspired, guided, and called so many to this ancient pilgrim path.  I look forward to sharing more pilgrim stories that I hope inspire others to make their own personal Camino – Bo Camiño!

Thank you to Julio Castro Marcote, Director of the Parador Hostal Dos Reis Católicos, Jose Luis Penedo Del Rio and Helmut Weingarten of Expo Bike Germany, and Cándido Pazos López and Tomas Sanchez of Bikigrino for including me in their camino adventure. Thank you to Margarita Mosteiro of La Voz de Galicia – Santiago for interviewing me and letting me share a little of my passion and love for Galicia and the Camino.


ZUZU Napa USA Visits Fórum Gastronómic!


What is it about Food, Wine, and TRAVEL that we all can’t get enough of?  Embedded in our nature is a desire to explore, discover and experience something new, as well as, combining the best of what we know and love.  Such are the yearly spanish adventures of a fantastically creative group ZUZU Napa!  “ZuZu is a beloved, Spanish-inspired restaurant and tapas bar in Napa’s historic Old Town.  For the last twelve years, it has drawn scores of visitors near and far who come for its warm Mediterranean décor, lively atmosphere, and renowned small-plates menu that draws from the culinary traditions of Spain and South America.”

Thank you Zuzu Napa for stopping by the Bo Camiño TASTE IT! booth at this years Fórum Gastronómic and sharing some of what you love of food, wine and travel! Always great meeting new people during their adventures in Galicia and this was an especially fun time and re-connection with the USA having a little chat in english all sharing what we love of Spain and Galicia!

For more information please visit: &

For more information please visit Fórum Gastronómic: and

In Photograph Above (left to right): Carlos, Armando, Thomas & Sam

Video: Armando Ramirez & Thomas Hartwell

Fórum Gastronómic Coruña Celebrates Galicia!


Fórum Gastronómic Coruña ’14 was full of smiles and celebration as Jaume Von Arend, one of the founders of the event, provides special recognition to participants sharing in this years Fórum. Distinguished guests from all over Galicia and Spain shared in this important Congresso de Gastronomia – the largest of its kind in Spain. A truly extraordinary experience!

For more information regarding Fórum Gastronómic please visit: and

A special thank you to German Limeres for photographs that captured the events and activities of this years Forum.

Photography: German Limeres

The Fantastic Forum


Just a quick programming note: Stacy Lutsch here. “Who?” I can hear you asking from across the Atlantic.  I’ve lived in Santiago for the past 2 ½ years, I met Susan a year ago while working at a tourism fair in a tiny Galician village and I am now one half of the American contingent of the Bo Camiño biz here in Galicia, and one quarter of the overall team (we’re lucky enough to have two Galician marketing superstars working with us; that would be the “Fantastic Four” pun that I was going for in the title).

 I’ll be hanging around the blog for the foreseeable future, writing about the work Bo Camiño is doing, the food I’m eating, the wine I’m drinking, the people we’re meeting, and trying my damnedest not to complain too much about the rain.  

 Here’s the first of two posts about the Fórum Gastronómico—that Susan’s already blogged a bit about. Enjoy!

So, what happens when the entire Spanish food and wine scene descends upon the Galician city of A Coruña for three days for the Fórum Gastronómico (Spain’s National Gastronomy Forum)?

A much needed, and very much deserved, spotlight is shone on contemporary Galician gastronomy.

It’s very difficult (not impossible, though) to have a bad culinary experience in Galicia. The ingredients are so fresh, the recipes so refined by centuries of tasting and revising, the chefs so experienced, and the hospitality so warm and welcoming, that most of the meals that I have consumed here have fulfilled gastronomic needs that I didn’t even know I had.

Yet somehow, Galicia is not the place most people—especially most U.S. Americans—think of when Spanish gastronomy is brought up, which is what we at Bo Camiño are working to change.

A quick word association game that I’ve played with friends in the U.S., some culinary professionals, some not—proves my point:

Me: What do you think of when I say “Spanish food”?

Friend/Acquaintance: Umm…tapas?

Me: What kind of tapas?

F/A: Is gazpacho Spanish?

Me: Sure. And Spanish chefs?

F/A: “That dude from that place with all the foam…Bull something?” Or, sometimes if I’m lucky, I’ll get “Ferrán what’s-his-name” (That would be Adriá. Also, his restaurant El Bulli closed in 2011).

And so on. Sometimes people know WAY more than this, and sometimes WAY less. It just depends. But this is par for the course. And who/what is mentioned? Tapas, check. Gazpacho, check (we’ll attribute that one to Andalucía). El Bulli, check (and that goes firmly in the “Cataluña” pile). But Galicia? Nada. Not once.

And after two and half years of living and working in Galicia, I can tell you with the utmost confidence that that is simply not fair. Because Galicia has everything: seriously talented and creative chefs, with a combined total of 11 Michelin Stars; award-winning wines; mouthwatering seafood; all at prices that won’t cost you a month’s rent (and without waiting a year to get a reservation!).

Oh, and did I mention that Galicia has gin, too? Let me introduce you to Nordés. They also make vodka, and have a new line of vermouths. They will change your life. Thank me later.

Oh, and did I mention that Galicia has gin, too? Let me introduce you to Nordés. They also make vodka, and have a new line of vermouths. They will change your life. Thank me later.

So when an event like the Gastronomy Forum comes along, bringing with it a national—and international—presence to A Coruña, the lovely (albeit rain-drenched) largest city in the area, you have to, as we say here, aprovechar or enjoy it (not so coincidentally, this is also what you say before tucking into a delicious meal).

Which is exactly what the Bo Camiño team did this last 23, 24 and 25 of February. Thanks to the generosity of the Forum’s organizers, a joint venture between the Catalan team of Pep Palau and Jaume von Arend and the amazingly talented Galician PR and events firm, Trevisani, Bo Camiño was able to not just partake in, but also actively participate in the sights, sounds, smells and above all, the out-of-this-world, too-good-to-be-true flavors and textures of the Forum.

Aerial view of the Forum. Hundreds of booths, thousands of spectators.

Aerial view of the Forum. Hundreds of booths, thousands of spectators.

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Twitter (#bocamiñotasteit, #forumtasteit) then you’ve had a chance to see some of the pictures I’m including in this post. Here’s one of my favorites action shots of the stand:

That man in the white shirt? His name is Jesús and he gave us ALL THE HAM. No joke, I'm now going through ham withdrawal.

That man in the white shirt? His name is Jesús and he gave us ALL THE HAM. No joke, I’m now going through ham withdrawal.

If not, go take a look and get caught up for our next post, when I try, and in all likelihood fail, to capture just how overwhelming, exhilarating, fascinating and above all, delectably delicious our time at the Forum was.

For now, I leave you with this refreshing image. Nothing better than a crisp, refreshing glass of Galician Albariño, amirite? (Yes, yes I am).

A very special thank you to Andrés Docampo Fotógrafo for his participation and the fantastic photographs that helped to make Bo Camiño TASTE IT! booth a success at the  Fórum Gastronómic Caruña ’14 Event.

Photography: Andrés Docampo Fotógrafo

I literally can't even tell you how many wines we tasted. Best event ever!

I literally can’t even tell you how many wines we tasted. Best event ever!

Bo Camiño – TASTE IT!


For more than a thousand years the camino de Santiago has captured the hearts and minds of millions from around the world calling each pilgrim in a unique way. A tradition first mainly for religious reasons and now for a much broader range of human interests and emotions. The “what”, “why” and “how” of each pilgrims story is truly personal, equally significant and life transforming but in some way we all share in the collective spirit that is the true heart of the camino.

So how does a girl growing up in La Jolla at the beach in Southern California find herself as a woman living in Spain –  passionate for Galicia and all things Camino. For me it was years of incredible coincidences or “synchronicities” that no matter where I was in the world the Camino called me. As they say in poker “I am all in”.  We will follow another ancient game that of the Knights Templar Juega da Oca or Game of the Goose with its mysterious and encrypted guide representing a different stage of the journey uncovering its hidden messages of secret signs that are still awaiting our discovery in the monuments, cathedrals and churches along the way. I am excited to share with you through Bo Camiño “TASTE IT” some of the history, culture, people,  gastronomy and treasures of this beautiful, vibrant, and alive pilgrim path.

We invite you to share in the traditions as told by its people and their love of gastronomy and wine. Experience the Camino through its amazing colors, flavors and tastes. Discover its symbols, legends and  enjoy its mysteries.  History embedded in stone walls and view landscapes of incredible beauty. Imagine yourself walking ancient stone paths through magical forests under the Compostela, known as, the “field of stars” and share in flavors that speak of the past. How could it remain a legend and perpetuated if each generation had no intimate reasons to believe? The more you come to know it the more you love it. Bo Camiño!

Thank you IMAXINA Video and German Limeres Photography for including me in such a fun and adventurous project discovering and enjoying more of the Camino!

Photograph: German Limeres

Thank You Hosteleria Compostela Magazine


Thank you to Hosteleria Compostela Magazine, Aser Alvarez, Director of Communication and Adrian Pajaro, Asociacion Hosteleria Compostela for interviewing me and helping me to share my passion for the Camino, Galicia and Spain.

It has been a Camino adventure of a lifetime to follow my synchronicity all the way to living in Galicia since September 2011.  I am excited to share through my projects my love of this beautiful land and this ancient tradition. It has been my dream and desire to share through my projects how people using their gifts and talents working collaboratively together to make a difference in the world.  This message I hope will help to inspire others to follow their life passions and dreams fully living their purpose on earth.

It is through collaboration and sharing that we can help to make the world a better place.  Travel and experiencing another culture learning of their history and traditions while enjoying the beauty of the landscapes and people, their wonderful festivals, delicious food and wine build bonds that help us all come together and bond in a positive way. Bo Camiño!