Bo Camiño Vino de Peregrino

To taste, savor, and discover is one of the pleasures of travel and enjoying wine.  Bo Camiño – Vino de Peregrino was inspired by my Camino travels and my experience living in Spain since August 2011.

I am excited to share with you a new collaboration in Wine – Celebrating Galicia and Spain’s Wine Treasures.

If you love wine, the Camino, and travel what is better than to combine three of your favorites! We invite you to taste, discover, enjoy and share with us your photos and stories all apart of sharing the Camino Spirit!

“Behind a glass of wine there is the caress of a few tanned hands, the kind smile of its people, the flavour of mature fruit, the smell of flowers of the forest and the character of a thousand and one stories.  Behind a glass of wine is a friends gathering; lifelong friends or new friends forever”.


Enjoy your own journey of discovery as you travel and enjoy Bo Camiño Vino de Peregrino! Who knows what you will find hopefully a new favorite wine while you make many new wonderful travel memories! Have fun sharing in the Bo Camiño Travel Treasure Hunt!!!

image001 wine-4

Bo Camiño Logo Design: German Limeres

Bo Camiño Branding: Dean Wright – Logo Love Design Agency

Bo Camiño ©



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