Treasure Hunt



Bo Camiño Travel Treasure Hunt inspires your travel adventures in a new and innovative way. Have fun creating your Camino journey sharing in the discovery from home and as you travel. Each Bo Camiño Treasure Map provides exciting offers, promotions, and opportunities to win dream trips that will enhance any camino journey and vacation.

Enjoy the discovery. from the very beginning of planning your next trip, as you travel, and see what surprises await you as your participate in your own Bo Camiño Travel Treasure Hunt.

Connecting the Camino Spirit around the world you will discover history, culture, art, architecture, beautiful landscapes, historic monuments, gastronomy, wine, arts & crafts and more!

Every Bo Camiño Vino de Peregrino bottle contains its own secret Bo Camiño Travel Treasure Hunt Map that will inspire a deeper sense of travel adventure while you also enjoy a delicious glass of Galician and Spanish wine. What’s better than to enjoy wine and have the opportunity to win dream vacations and more!!!


Bo Camiño Travel Guide Book

Have fun planning your next travel adventure and discover many places, attractions, restaurants and hotels that are inviting you to share in a special experience creating more travel memories.  Learn of special offers and get a feel for the area with key location and contact information helping to make your vacation travels easy and enjoyable!


Bo Camiño Logo Design: German Limeres

Bo Camiño Branding Design: Dean Wright – Logo Love Design Agency

Bo Camiño ©


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