T-Shirts -Tokens


Bo Camiño T-Shirts & Tokens are a special way to celebrate the Camino spirit.  Fun to wear while you Camino and when at home.

Bo Camiño Tokens help to share the spirit of the Camino as a daily reminder and good luck token for you, your friends and family.

Have fun sharing the Camino with others and pass along a little bit of your camino happiness and joy!!!

Bo Camiño Logo Design: German Limeres

Bo Camiño ©


2 thoughts on “T-Shirts -Tokens

    • Hola Bruce, Great to hear from you. I am working on a printer option for the T-shirts and will let you know. Thank you for your interest and your patience. Bo Camiño! I also have a blog: http://www.globalpilgrims.com I love to share pilgrims stories of what the camino meant to them, as well as, any synchronicities that led them to make the camino journey. If you would like to share please email me at susan@globalpilgrims.com any pictures and your thoughts and I will make a blog post 🙂 Sending smiles from the Camino!

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