Travel Series

Bo Camiño TASTE IT! is a camino journey of discovery through the sights, sounds, tastes, flavors and magic that are unique to Galicia.

“Galicia has many treasures for us to explore. Secrets of all kinds that once you experience the beauty and magic of Galicia you will want to share the secret with others. Join us as we follow this amazing culinary journey and discover history embedded in stone walls and view sites of incomparable beauty. Imagine what paths were like before they became roads and share in flavors that speak of the past.

To lose oneself in Galicia is to find oneself. Galicia brings together its unique history and attractions combining the serenity and beauty of exceptional lands ever endowed with cultural and gastronomic riches, which sharpen even more the desire to enjoy them, understand them, to dream of them, and experience them. Galicia is pure emotion, pure sensation.”

We will experience some of the towns and villages that are apart of the historic pilgrimage route known as The Way of St. James, El Camino de Santiago de Compostela a 1,000 year-old medieval journey third largest among holy pilgrimages after Jerusalem and Rome. Throughout history, countless illustrious pilgrims from all over Europe have participated in the camino. People from Saint Francis of Assisi, Charlemagne, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to Dante and Chaucer. Now, every year approximately 200,000 people make some form of the pilgrimage and during the Holy Year of 2010 more than 9 million people visited the Cathedral. Full of flavor the route is a culinary voyage.

Galicia invites you to discover her secrets – savor and share many new flavors for you to enjoy!

Welcome to Bo Camiño TASTE IT!

Bo Camiño Travel Series will explore the GASTRONOMY & WINE along the CAMINO! Join us for a unique perspective that only true Gallego’s know as they help us to discover their incredibly vibrant, beautiful and alive land.

Photography: German Limeres

Photography & Video: Imaxina Diseño

Bo Camiño Logo Design: German Limeres

Bo Camiño ©

“quotes” referencing Galicia are a collection from Galicia’s wonderful guide books and promotional materials sharing the beauty, mystery, history and culture of this amazing land.


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