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Bo Camiño – Beyond Coincidence – Spanish Trails of Synchronicity

Join me as I share my Synchronicities to the Camino and Spain. More than 10 years in the making – a journey of personal discovery with incredible signs from people and my travels around the world.

Book in Development – publishing release date 2014


Bo Camiño DISCOVER GALICIA Book & Travel Series is a journey of discovery through the sights, sounds, tastes, flavors and magic that is unique to Galicia.

“Galicia has many treasures for us to explore. Secrets of all kinds that once you experience the beauty and magic of Galicia you will want to share the secret with others. Join us as we follow this amazing culinary journey and discover history embedded in stone walls and view sites of incomparable beauty. Imagine what paths were like before they became roads and share in flavors that speak of the past.”

“To lose oneself in Galicia is to find oneself. Galicia brings together its unique history and attractions combining the serenity and beauty of exceptional lands ever endowed with cultural and gastronomic riches, which sharpen even more the desire to enjoy them, understand them, to dream of them, and experience them. Galicia is pure emotion, pure sensation.”

We will experience the different tastes and flavors of the 14 Geo-destinations in Galicia. Explore and discover the unique ingredients, spices, small garden vegetables, fish direct from the sea, country farm meat and chicken all situated in the beautiful Galician setting of country houses, known as casa rurals, or stately manor homes, palaces, and medieval castles near historical monuments, convents and monasteries situated in privileged locations with surroundings of exquisite beauty and hidden landscapes.

“Balconies like theater boxes and windows like viewpoints. Rooms with a view. We will open the windows of a palace, castle, monastery or country manor and discover flowers blooming, fresh garden vegetables growing and animals grazing peacefully, in the arbors autumn leaves changing color; witness the whitewashed vineyard of winter; explore vistas of sea, mountains or valleys. These sensations merged with the kindness and hospitality of Galicia as host to our food and wine adventure.” We will explore, cook and dine in some of the most beautiful settings of northern Spain – Galician gastronomy will come to life on every page.

“Behind a glass of wine there is the caress of a few tanned hands, the kind smile of its people, the flavour of mature fruit, the smell of flowers of the forest and the character of a thousand and one stories.  Behind a glass of wine is a friends gathering; lifelong friends or new friends forever”. “You will be seduced by the rich diversity of Galician scenery. A world of valleys and mountains, of monastic sounds which transport us to a medieval world, of vineyards with a sea flavor, or border vineyards, wines created deep in the heart of mother earth. Small vineyards in beautiful landscapes dominated by great rivers. Indescribable vistas and terraces of steep vineyards cultivated by the romans are a loving sign of identity of the territory.”

Bo Camiño DISCOVER GALICIA is a cookbook experience like no other. We will dive into the world of wine and food and get to know Galicia through its flavors, colors, and tastes. On our journey we will meet some of the best winemakers and top chefs where we will partake in special recipes that interpret typical food of each region and its history, using regional produce. The French jurist, Brillat Savarin, author of the first gastronomic treatise in history, once wrote: “the discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star”. So let’s get happy then!

The winemakers and chefs of Galicia are natural hosts for our adventure as they open their doors and show how they make the wine, inviting you to taste it. You will experience from the small family winery and will be served your wine in the traditional cunca – clay bowl – to the large wine vault with its manor house at the foot of the vineyards, where vines and garden are one”. We will go on guided tours of wineries and vineyards, take part in tasting with experts, and share in some of the best pairing of food and wine of the region.

“Galician gastronomy is recognized as having a strong personality. Galicia knows meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, wines, liquors, milk, cheeses, cakes…Galicia is a country of a thousand flavors.  In few places of the world does one eat and drink as here. Galician gastronomy has everything in abundance.” On every page Galicia comes to life – all making you want to discover more of this exciting cuisine by experimenting in the kitchen creating a delicious meal to enjoy with a bottle of fine wine making for a memorable, heart warming experience.

On this culinary journey, we will discover spectacular viewpoints with glorious landscapes of colorful forests, deep canyons, breathtaking rivers and incredible historical monuments. A land composed of more than a thousand rivers and more than a two thousand celebrations of which 300 are dedicated to gastronomy for us to discover and enjoy. We will participate in the ‘maios’ the spring feast, the bonfires of San Juan for the summer soltice, ‘magosto’ when the first chestnuts are roasted and the first wine is tasted, the ‘Entroido’ (carnival) or ‘Rapas das Bestas’ in which the horses bred free in the mountains are marked and have their manes clipped.

Bo Camiño DISCOVER GALICIA is a real culinary journey that will delight all of your senses savoring flavors through the ages. “An intoxicating culture, rustic, historic, vibrant and alive. Few places in the world with a surface area of three million hectares and a population of less than three million inhabitants can boast of having four places declared to be of Human Heritage, and all in less than 25 years: the Cathedral and old city of Santiago de Compostela (1985), the Santiago Way (1993), the Lugo Roman Wall, the only completely intact preserved roman wall in the world (2000) and the Tower of Hercules (2009). Monuments, gastronomy, wine, and landscapes a Galician culinary adventure that denotes a noticeable identity, a place different and distant, forged over the centuries in a singular geography and history.” You will experience this unique history and culture as it comes to life on every page.

We will experience some of the towns and villages that are apart of the historic pilgrimage route known as The Way of St. James, El Camino de Santiago de Compostela a 1,000 year-old medieval journey third largest among holy pilgrimages after Jerusalem and Rome. Throughout history, countless illustrious pilgrims from all over Europe have participated in the camino. People from Saint Francis of Assisi, Charlemagne, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to Dante and Chaucer. Now, every year approximately 200,000 people make some form of the pilgrimage and during the Holy Year of 2010 more than 9 million people visited the Cathedral. Full of flavor the route is a culinary voyage.

Ready to tell you their own story you will share in discovering the secrets of this “alive, magical, and welcoming land.” A unique adventure exploring the wealth of culture, landscape and gastronomy of Galicia. An evocative destiny of emotions and sensations, wrapped in an air of fantasy and mystery, a destination to cross and to discover, to be crossed and to discover oneself.

Galicia invites you to discover her secrets – savor and share many new flavors for you to enjoy!

Welcome to Bo Camiño DISCOVER GALICIA!

Bo Camiño Travel Series will explore the GASTRONOMY & WINE along the CAMINO! Join us for a unique perspective that only true Gallego’s know as they help us to discover their incredibly vibrant, beautiful and alive land.

Photography & Design: German Limeres

Gastronomy Expert & Spanish Journalist: Pablo López Márquez

DISCOVER GALICIA is a creative collaboration sharing the beauty, history, culture, gastronomy, landscapes and travel of Galicia developed by German Limeres, Pablo López Márquez, and Susan R. Mann working in collaboration with innovative Galician companies to provide visibility, awareness, and encourage visitors from around the world to travel to this magical, vibrant and alive land that is awaiting your discovery!

Bo Camiño DISCOVER GALICIA Book in Development – publishing release date 2014


Bo Camiño Travel Guide Book 2015

Have fun planning your next travel adventure and discover many places, attractions, restaurants and hotels that are inviting you to share in a special experience creating more travel memories.  Learn of special offers and get a feel for the area with key location and contact information helping to make your vacation travels easy and enjoyable!

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I am very grateful and excited that Deborah M. Gray Wine Specialist, Consultant and Author of How To Import Wine, An Insider’s Guide – Winner of the Gourmand Awards: “Best US Wine Book for Professionals 2011”

“Best World Wine Book for Professionals 2011” second

Will be writing the introduction for Bo Camiño Discover Galicia Travel Book and has generously supported the efforts of Bo Camiño Vino de Peregrino and Bo Camiño Travel Books.  Thank you very much Deborah for your kindness, interest, support, persistence and expertise – I am truly grateful!!!



Is an Australian native who founded her first wine importing company in the United States in 1992, importing her family’s brand, a happy accident that occurred when her father asked for help with finding a US importer. She decided to become that importer and added to it a motley crew of small vineyards from little known regions, which gradually morphed into a collection of iconic, family-owned wineries from renowned regions. She began at a time when Americans were just beginning to discover wines from the Southern Hemisphere and ridden the waves of popularity and extreme change ever since.

Deborah has been fortunate to have travelled all over Australia, New Zealand and the US throughout her wine career, visiting vineyards and working with distributors, conducting wine dinners and tastings and speaking at wine festivals, on radio and television. For six years she served on the wine board of the Australian Trade Commission in New York, helping to shape early Australian wine marketing policies.

Deborah’s first book, How To Import Wine – An Insider’s Guide (Wine Appreciation Guild) is considered by reviewers to be a groundbreaking manual on wine importing and distribution.

GOURMAND International selected How to Import Wine – An Insider’s Guide as the Best Professional Wine Book US, 2012 and was first runner up in the world competition.

Deborah is currently writing her second book focused on exporting to the USA for foreign suppliers. Deborah assists clients, distributors, and other importers with consulting services, seminars and education. Deborah will teach wine courses beginning in Spring 2012 at San Diego State University as part of their Business of Wine Certification curriculum.

Deborah’s background and expertise provides an insiders perspective to discovering, experiencing, and tasting wines from around the world pairing them with special local cuisine making for a truly unique culinary experience that will be shared with readers in Bo Camiño DISCOVER GALICIA!


Deborah M. Gray

Bluestone Wine Solutions

(760) 729-4900 office

(760) 519-7343 cell

(760) 730-7465 fax (blog)

@deborahgraywine (Twitter)

 HOW TO IMPORT WINE – AN INSIDER’S GUIDE, Winner of Gourmand Awards:

“Best US Wine Book for Professionals 2011”

“Best World Wine Book for Professionals 2011” second

* “quotes” highlighting the history, culture, traditions of Galicia shared through a variety of Galicia promotional and marketing materials providing an informative and inspirational overview of the beautiful land of Galicia.


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