Fórum Gastronómic With Berta Castro – El Sabor de lo Dulce


Nothing better than meeting people passionate about gastronomy and sharing in the experience of Spain’s largest and longest running Gastronomy Congress Fórum Gastronómic Coruña ’14. Berta Castro, an avid Galician blogger, of El Sabor de lo Dulce visited us in the Bo Camiño TASTE IT! booth to discuss some of the treasures of Galician Gastronomy and the Bo Camiño projects inviting people from around the world to come and experience for themselves the beauty, culture, and special traditions that make Galicia a truly unique adventure.  Thank you Berta for sharing your invitation on video for all to come and enjoy the best of Galicia!

For more information please visit Fórum Gastronómic: http://www.forumgastronomic.com and https://www.facebook.com/forumgastronomic

For more information about Berta Castro &  El Sabor de lo Dulce please visit: http://berta-postres.blogspot.com.es

Photography: Susan R Mann


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