The Faces & Flavors Of Galicia



Galicia’s unique heritage of the Camino de Santiago has been welcoming pilgrims for more than a thousand years.  It is the people of Galicia and their incredible culture, history and love of gastronomy that makes the experience of the camino so very special. They are always welcoming you with their smiles and wishing you Bo Camiño as you make your way along the camino.

It is the special Galician products, flavors and tastes that add a exciting element to the experience making the journey even more memorable.  Not only are you surrounded by impressive natural beauty, historical monuments that inspire imagination of the legends and myths that are treasures of this unique region but you are on a continual path of gastronomic discovery enjoying the traditions that are still alive today. 

Thank you to all the Galician people who shared their love of Gastronomy and the wonderful products that made the event so very special.

Photography: German Limeres


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