Pregoñero de Gastronomia en Samos – Carlos Lema Devesa


Carlos Lema Devesa, a lawyer for Catedratico de Derecho Mercantil UCM of Madrid, was Pregoñero of Ceremonies for Samos Monasteries Gastronomy Event performing the honors of opening the celebration and welcoming special guests from Madrid, Barcelona and Galicia to participate in festival events and discussions of gastronomy in Spain and the Camino.

Samos Monastery is one of the most famous and significant monasteries in Spanish history and is an important Galician symbol because of the role role the monastery has played in the history and culture of the region. Founded during the Visigothic era, and the Benedictine rule first introduced to the monastery by monks from San Juan de la Peña in Aragon in the 10 century. The monks share the history and traditions of the culture of the region that date back to the beginning of the pilgrimage and continue to inspire the ancient traditions as the popularity of the The Way of St. James grows in interest bringing more and more pilgrims from around the world each year.

It was a wonderful event and we are grateful to Samos Monastery for the opportunity to participate and to all who made the event a success.  Looking forward to sharing in the experience again discovering more of the Gastronomy Treasures of the CAMINO!


Photography: German Limeres


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