Bo Camiño – TASTE IT!


For more than a thousand years the camino de Santiago has captured the hearts and minds of millions from around the world calling each pilgrim in a unique way. A tradition first mainly for religious reasons and now for a much broader range of human interests and emotions. The “what”, “why” and “how” of each pilgrims story is truly personal, equally significant and life transforming but in some way we all share in the collective spirit that is the true heart of the camino.

So how does a girl growing up in La Jolla at the beach in Southern California find herself as a woman living in Spain –  passionate for Galicia and all things Camino. For me it was years of incredible coincidences or “synchronicities” that no matter where I was in the world the Camino called me. As they say in poker “I am all in”.  We will follow another ancient game that of the Knights Templar Juega da Oca or Game of the Goose with its mysterious and encrypted guide representing a different stage of the journey uncovering its hidden messages of secret signs that are still awaiting our discovery in the monuments, cathedrals and churches along the way. I am excited to share with you through Bo Camiño “TASTE IT” some of the history, culture, people,  gastronomy and treasures of this beautiful, vibrant, and alive pilgrim path.

We invite you to share in the traditions as told by its people and their love of gastronomy and wine. Experience the Camino through its amazing colors, flavors and tastes. Discover its symbols, legends and  enjoy its mysteries.  History embedded in stone walls and view landscapes of incredible beauty. Imagine yourself walking ancient stone paths through magical forests under the Compostela, known as, the “field of stars” and share in flavors that speak of the past. How could it remain a legend and perpetuated if each generation had no intimate reasons to believe? The more you come to know it the more you love it. Bo Camiño!

Thank you IMAXINA Video and German Limeres Photography for including me in such a fun and adventurous project discovering and enjoying more of the Camino!

Photograph: German Limeres


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