Gastronomy In The Camino



Autumn brings many special events for us to share and enjoy in the Spirit of the Camino.  Join us December 6 – 8, 2013 along the camino at Samos Monastery where we will discover many of the special treasures of “Gastronomy In The Camino” celebrating the local traditions, flavors and tastes that are unique to Galicia and the heritage of the CAMINO. Bo Camiño!


THE WAY – Perfect Timing For A Sequel!


More special CAMINO experiences to come.  Emilio Estevez just announced that they beginning preparations for a movie sequel to the The Way are in the works.  The global success of the movie inspired a growth in pilgrims with an increase in american pilgrims by 44% in just one year and now 68% since the movies release.  All of us in Galicia are excited for your return! We look forward to sharing more of the Camino Spirit with you! Bo Camiño!

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El Fórum Gastronómico 2014 – A Coruña Galicia


We look forward to another exciting event celebrating El Fórum Gastronómico 2014 kicking off a fantastic year of incredible GASTRONOMY! German Limeres captured the cocinero’s enjoying their passion for food and wine in his “Cocinero Rexistro” at El Fórum Gastronómico 2012 en Santiago de Compostela which had welcomed more than 15,000 visitors.

El Fórum Gastronómico 2014 – A Coruña: will be held at the fairgrounds in ExpoCoruña from 23 to 25 February, 2014 – ” This change was necessary due to the growth that the event has undergone in recent years which is why it was essential to have a more physical space and ExpoCoruña is without doubt the ideal place for celebration,” explained the two co-directors , Pep Palau and Jaume Von Arend.

“The Gastronomic Forum was established in 1999 with the goal of being the meeting point of professional gastronomy. After 11 editions in its 14 years of existence , has proven to be a great promotional tool as well as an element of cohesion of different food and wine agents . This event attracts not only the best chefs in the world , but also those that currently stand out young talents in the field of gastronomy and the Forum provides the opportunity to make themselves known.” – Gourmet’s

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Photograph: German Limeres

Discover Galicia – Libro Congreso y Concurso 2014


Join us as we prepare for a very exciting 2014 with the DISCOVER GALICIA LIBRO CONGRESO Y CONCURSO. Celebrate the best in photography and writing as we create a very special Gastronomy, Wine, Landscapes & Travel Book highlighting the BEST of Galicia.  You will adventure to the four provinces of Galicia: A Caruña, Pontevedra, Ourense and Lugo as we experience the 14 Geo-Destinations and the five wine regions that make Galicia so unique, vibrant and alive.

Bo Camiño – TASTE IT!


For more than a thousand years the camino de Santiago has captured the hearts and minds of millions from around the world calling each pilgrim in a unique way. A tradition first mainly for religious reasons and now for a much broader range of human interests and emotions. The “what”, “why” and “how” of each pilgrims story is truly personal, equally significant and life transforming but in some way we all share in the collective spirit that is the true heart of the camino.

So how does a girl growing up in La Jolla at the beach in Southern California find herself as a woman living in Spain –  passionate for Galicia and all things Camino. For me it was years of incredible coincidences or “synchronicities” that no matter where I was in the world the Camino called me. As they say in poker “I am all in”.  We will follow another ancient game that of the Knights Templar Juega da Oca or Game of the Goose with its mysterious and encrypted guide representing a different stage of the journey uncovering its hidden messages of secret signs that are still awaiting our discovery in the monuments, cathedrals and churches along the way. I am excited to share with you through Bo Camiño “TASTE IT” some of the history, culture, people,  gastronomy and treasures of this beautiful, vibrant, and alive pilgrim path.

We invite you to share in the traditions as told by its people and their love of gastronomy and wine. Experience the Camino through its amazing colors, flavors and tastes. Discover its symbols, legends and  enjoy its mysteries.  History embedded in stone walls and view landscapes of incredible beauty. Imagine yourself walking ancient stone paths through magical forests under the Compostela, known as, the “field of stars” and share in flavors that speak of the past. How could it remain a legend and perpetuated if each generation had no intimate reasons to believe? The more you come to know it the more you love it. Bo Camiño!

Thank you IMAXINA Video and German Limeres Photography for including me in such a fun and adventurous project discovering and enjoying more of the Camino!

Photograph: German Limeres

Feeling Brands Event – Santiago de Compostela



Another fantastic day in Santiago de Compostela sharing in FEELING BRANDS Event November 8, 2013 hearing some of the latest trends in global marketing and brand presentation.  Truly exciting to see, hear and learn of new technologies and collaborative strategies making their mark and impact around the world.

Muchisimas Gracias to Feelings Brands for a wonderful day and event in Santiago de Compostela:

The Faces of Grupo Nove

Cocinero’s Extraordinaire!

German Limeres captured some of the faces of the Cocineros/Chefs of Grupo Nove as they celebrated in Santiago de Compostela at the Cuidade Da Cultura their 10 year Anniversary. It was a Fantastic, Exciting and DELICIOUS Event –  Enhorabuena!!!

Photographs: German Limeres