Santiago de Compostela Cathedral – Up For The BEST!


Everyday on the Camino is unique and special.  Always new people to meet, incredible scenery and more wonderful memories.  Arriving in Santiago de Compostela and visiting the Cathedral is truly an awe-inspiring experience. No matter how many times I have been there I am still captivated each time taking in something new and adding to all the times that have come before.

Spain is a country full of incredible architecture and ancient traditions that invite you to continue to discover more. Whoever wins The Best Cathedral In Spain – Santiago will always hold a very special place in the hearts of pilgrims who have ventured here from around the world and Galicians who rightfully take so much pride in this incredible place.
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A Little Wine Time In Castilla y Leon



The fall season has brought a time of change and the wine regions are alive with the activities of the harvest. This week “Gastronomy in the Camino” team will make another Adventure in GASTRONOMY this time outside of Galicia and onto Leon entering into the historic region of Castilla y Leon known for their “Picudo” wine.  Picudo, or translated Weevil, is a rare dark-skinned variety that slightly resembles Tempranillo and is native to the area Valdevimbre, with its Knolls on the banks of the River Cea, in Leon and occupies an area of 3,000 hectares of vineyard.

“The variety is used to create both deeply pigmented light rosés and reds, and can be found as single-variety wines or in blends with Tempranillo or Mencia .

Prieto means ‘dark’ in Spanish and most likely to Refers to the variety’s dark berries. Weevil means ‘pointed’, que Most probably references the grape’s small, compact bunches That taper at the end. The word Could Also reference the pine-nut shape of the variety’s berries.” – wine-searcher

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Grupo Nove Celebrates



October 21, 2013 – Santiago de Compostela will host a very special event at the Cuidade Da Cultura with Grupo Nove celebrating 10 years of their association. A special cooking show event with more than 800 in attendance will share in a very unique experience of Galician Gastronomy and Wine!