Thank You Hosteleria Compostela Magazine


Thank you to Hosteleria Compostela Magazine, Aser Alvarez, Director of Communication and Adrian Pajaro, Asociacion Hosteleria Compostela for interviewing me and helping me to share my passion for the Camino, Galicia and Spain.

It has been a Camino adventure of a lifetime to follow my synchronicity all the way to living in Galicia since September 2011.  I am excited to share through my projects my love of this beautiful land and this ancient tradition. It has been my dream and desire to share through my projects how people using their gifts and talents working collaboratively together to make a difference in the world.  This message I hope will help to inspire others to follow their life passions and dreams fully living their purpose on earth.

It is through collaboration and sharing that we can help to make the world a better place.  Travel and experiencing another culture learning of their history and traditions while enjoying the beauty of the landscapes and people, their wonderful festivals, delicious food and wine build bonds that help us all come together and bond in a positive way. Bo Camiño!


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